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I am an electronic musician from Budapest. I discovered electronic music in 1999 and listened to artists like Tiesto, Rank1, Bad Company, Prodigy and Hybrid. I started doing tracks with computer (the first one was a breaks trance crossover) in 2001. At a young age I learned how to play piano and later guitar, so I think this why I prefer melodies. In 2008 I revisited music theory and studied music composition. When it comes to music making, I do all the phases such as

  • production,
  • sound design,
  • mixing,
  • and mastering.


My tracks got support from:

  • Markus Schulz
  • Adam Beyer
  • DJ Shah
  • Gai Barone
  • Chaim

In the Top 100

With my great friend Miklos Matrai we had two places in the best selling Electronica Trackson DJTUNES namely the nr. 58 and 59 spot. in April 2015.


About my musical alter egos:

  • Firegate is used for the mid-tempo and down-tempo tracks like trance, house, progressive, chillout
  • Icegate is used for the faster tempo tracks, which is generally drum and bass


Since 2010 I got releases on labels such as
  • Underground Revolution Recordings
  • AH Digital
  • Happy Days Records
  • Noize Reaction
  • Morningglory Music
  • Arcadia Moon
  • Quebolarecords
  • Sounds United
  • Rimoshee Recordings
  • Rimoshee Traxx
  • Istmo Music
  • Tokyo Women Records
  • AWAL


I do various services at these guiding prices

  • mixing (175-220 EUR per song depending on track count as well)
  • stem mastering (40 EUR per song, up to 8 stems)
  • stereo mastering (30 EUR per song)

Priority work: +50% to total price.
The price include one major revision, +10% per additional ones.

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I have worked with these clients

  • Secdam Project - mixing, mastering, production
  • Display Girl - Pilotcamp / mixing, mastering
  • JCK / mastering
  • Cale Jera / mixing, mastering, production
  • Benjamin Witt / mixing, mastering, production
  • Deepsec / mixing, mastering, production
  • Frensys / mixing, mastering, production
  • DJ Rakoczy / stem mastering
  • Mr. Slack / mixing, mastering
  • Miklos Matrai / mixing, mastering, production
  • Tensile Force / mixing, mastering, production
  • Vortex Panda Entertainment / mixing, mastering, sound design
  • Rusty / mixing, mastering
  • Four Elements / mastering
  • Martin / mastering
  • Comstock / mixing, mastering, production
  • Stranger / mastering
  • Incarnation / mixing, mastering

Kit list

This is my current setup.

  • DAW: Ableton Suite 9
  • Plugins: Ableton, CM studio
  • Portable recorder: Zoom H1
  • Mic: Superlux ECO-88
  • Samples: CM samples and my own field recordings


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Email: adam.burucs *

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